How to operate Cummins engine?

Correct Operate the Cummins diesel engine

■  Daily check the oil pressure, coolant temperature and other engine parameters through the OEM panel to ensure they are working properly.Check the panel for any warnings Report. Take proper action to correct the alarm status or contact the nearest Cummins dealer.

 howt to operate Cummins engine

■     ■  Always check the OEM panel readings. If the pressure or temperature does not meet the specifications technical specifications, shut down the engine  immediately.                     

  Properly shut down the engine                                                                                                                                                

■     ■   Properly shut down the engine

     After the engine is running at full load, it is necessary to let the engine idle for 3-5 mins, then shut down. This is to allow the piston, cylinder, bearing,Turbocharger,etc to fully cool down, Avoid damaging the engine.

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